Maria Fini
"The Wild Defraud"
Dec. 2010 Senior Thesis Show

The Wild Defraud was developed from the idea that synthetics can mimic, transform, or plunder nature. I am very interested in how synthetic and natural objects interact. I use man-made materials to symbolically encapsulate natural objects. I am also interested in how technology can mathematically mimic nature. Creating my work using digital processes lends the work a sense of the inauthentic.

The work focuses heavily on the intersection of the human-designed world and the natural one. The sculptural pieces involve an encasing of natural ephemera - petroleum-based wax to seals the leaves, artificially extending the life in a form of suspended animation.

The cocoon and metamorphosis are common themes in this show. A metamorphosis is a natural process by which a primary state is completely destroyed and abandoned in hopes of reaching a secondary structure, a new stage of life. In nature, not all metamorphoses are successful. In some cases, while the old life is destroyed, the creature does not live on to its promised next phase. Instead, the creature dies, trapped in a self-constructed sarcophagus. I see this as a fitting metaphor for the manner in which the globe is becoming industrialized.



1- Installation view of "Synthetic Landscape": coded in Processing, compiled and color-adjusted in Adobe After Affects. The video was displayed as a dual channel projection.
2- Installation view of "Sythetic Landscape" along with cocoons (made of leaves, wax, wire, and light)
3- Installation view of "Brownian Motion": created in processing. Video was displayed on small monitors as a 3 channel piece.
4- Installation view of "Digital, Developing, Fetus": created with processing and frame-by-frame, hand-drawn animaiton. Documentation of Digital, Developing Fetus (the original video can be seen here).

Light added for photograph